Video Guest Book, Photos, Gif's Boomerangs

Purpose built with simple design allowing anyone to use, the Divine Productions video booth is available for hire.

 Create a guest book like no other!

This versatile booth captures quality photo, video, animated gifs and audio through an intuitive touch screen.


Directional audio recording, soft studio lighting and DSLR camera will ensure users sound and look their best.

Individual recordings and images can be instantly emailed from the booth or sent to the user’s device via a QR code. These files may then be shared on social media.

The hirer will receive all videos and images on a USB to keep, share and remember.

Our booth has built in Bluetooth  speakers for some party fun or a little background music,  or plug in directly

Video booth Included free with all videography packages or as a stand alone package contact us for pricing

What are the power requirements?
we require a single standard Power outlet

Do we need an internet connection?
Our booth has a built in internet connection

Can I have the photo booth up stairs?
Sure our booth compact and manageable and can easily be take upstairs.

Do I need a photo booth attendant?
Our booth is easy to use and does not require an attendant. How ever I am always on site should you have any questions.

We don't offer printing. We have instant online sharing so a copy of your images and videos are sent directly to your phone. 

How Long does the booth  run?
Our booth accompanies a videography package so your booth will be available for the duration of your package.