How to choose one 

When you start looking for a wedding videographer, prices may vary from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, so what exactly is the difference between them?

Wedding films have changed, it is no longer uncle bob and his camcorder. Videographers are now creating stunning climatic love films. What style, the length of coverage and the edited final films you choose can make a huge difference to the price.

To make it easier to choose the type of video you want, many videographers often have packages for you to choose from.

Questions you may need to ask

Can you meet before the day?  It is always a good idea to meet in person with your videographer, as you are likely to spend a lot of time with them. It's a great opportunity to discuss the details of the day so everyone is on the same page.

How will they coordinate the filming of your wedding with the photographer or other vendors? It is important that everyone works well together, the last thing you need is vendors clashing on the day.

How many Hours are included? Packages usually range from ceremony only through to full day coverage. 
- Ask yourself do you want to capture those exciting, nervous and precious moments with your closest family and friends as you prepare for one of the biggest moments of your life?
- Or do you want just the ceremony? 
- Or full day coverage, from morning preparations up until you, kick off your heels and begin to party?
Or maybe it is the kind words spoken by your loved ones or those hilarious stories told that are important to you.

Will your videographer go to a location (like the beach or a park) without additional charge?

What happens if something unexpected happens can your videographer stay a little longer if needed?

Is your videographer insured? Make sure every one is covered just in case anything was to happen.

What sort of filming technique does your videographer use? Will they be up close and personal? Sometimes it's important to step back and let the moments happen organically. You will also need your videographer to be up close when needed to be sure they don't miss anything.

What gear will be used to capture your day? What brand and the technical details probably aren't that important, but something to ask though is will your videographer be filming with 1 or 2 cameras or more?  It's important to have multiple camera angles so you always get that shot. With longer edits like full ceremony and speeches, it's very important to use multiple angles as it adds both the quality to the shots and makes it more enjoyable to watch. 

What about audio?  If your vows and speeches are important to you, ask your videographer how they plan to capture that audio as this can be equally as involved as capturing your visuals and will require multiple microphones and recorders.

Does the final video use dialogue from the wedding day or is it more of a music video?  This is all about what style suits you many videos using music only feel distant and may not reflect your day as you would like.

What about lighting? If it's a particularly dark venue can your videographer provide additional lighting? Even with the best camera, a little lighting may be needed to greatly improved your footage. Ask will the lighting be unobtrusive?

What edits do you need? Videographers will take the footage of the wedding and edit it into a shorter film usually with a soundtrack. How long do you want your edited version to be? Standard packages usually include a highlight film designed to be engaging and easy to view on social media. Packages may also include an extended film. If you want your ceremony, dances and speeches in full, this may be an additional charge or it may be included in larger packages.

Do you want a mini trailer film for Instagram or other social media? 

What style of film? Do you want a short high paced edit, cinematic or a more casual and fun style? Does your videographer colour  grade their films? Films may be Vibrant in colour and contrast or be a softer film look or stylized in other ways. The best way to find the answer to this question is to watch films made by people you hope to hire.
Is the music Legal? Legally your soundtrack must be licensed, ask your Videographer if they use licensed music or risk copyright infringement.

I hope this helps with your decision making. If you have any questions about how to better capture your wedding please let me know.